Major Donor Qualification

There is almost unlimited potential to increase the annual giving from a large portion of your file. Our Major Donor Qualification Program targets not only $500+ or $1000+ donors – the typical segments for major donor upgrade – but also those donors who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to your organization and may have potential beyond the modest gifts they have historically made.

How the Program Works

The Major Donor Qualification Program is a customized, high-touch approach. We contact your donors to survey their thoughts about your organization and to assess their interest in making a gift and how they would do so.

This powerful conversation gives you the information you need to identify who is financially capable of a major gift and how ready that person may be to make a gift. Our callers also uncover information that will help you determine how those less likely prospects may fare as the year progresses. Once you know the disposition of the donor, you can ensure your major gifts team is talking to the right people at the right time in the right way.