Bequest Survey

The Bequest Survey Program is a customized, high-touch approach that speaks directly with your donors and allows them to be heard. Unlike most telephone strategies, which create suspects rather than prospects, the Bequest Survey Program listens to those donors who want to include charities in their estate planning and learns which organizations they are considering.

Estate Planning Materials

Estate planning is a particular and specialized way of giving that requires unique materials that will allow us to meet each donor where he/she is at in the process. Identifying and creating the right material for the right conversation is critical. We work with you to create materials for the conversation and follow-up information that ensure our approach matches your organization’s culture and staffing resources. 

How the Program Works

  • All prospects receive a notification letter or an opt-out letter. The notification letter alerts the donor that a call will be coming. An opt-out letter gives the donor the opportunity to decline receiving the call.
  • An initial call is then made to determine whether or not the donor wishes to receive the planning materials offered in the letter.

The discoveries from this call can include confirmation that your organization is already included in the donor’s will, your organization will be included in the will, or the donor is considering adding charities to the will. All of these responses provide unique follow-up opportunities for you to engage your donor.

Through your engagement with Covenant Calls, you will successfully evaluate an important list of “suspects” and create an actionable list of prospects who demonstrate interest in your organization. You will receive qualified bequest leads – according to a schedule that fits the time and staff resources available for follow-up – that can be further cultivated and closed.