Covenant Calls serves both campus-based and idea-based organizations.

Non-profit and charitable organizations can be campus-based or idea-based. Organizations with a physical campus – such as schools, hospitals, performing arts centers, and zoos – utilize proven fundraising techniques that capitalize on donor visits to the campus/physical location.  These donors can enjoy an immediate experience that links them to the organization in a tangible, memorable way.

Non-profits and charities without a physical campus are idea-based organizations – these organizations exist in the mind of the donor – without a physical anchor to a specific location. The donors’ passion and support for the organization builds as they read about or otherwise experience stories about the organization’s mission, initiatives, and work.

Discussions with donors about planned giving to idea-based charities can take place in virtually any venue – it does not require a visit to campus. This is the conversation Covenant Calls is uniquely qualified to initiate on behalf of its idea-based clients – a thoughtful, personal, and professional contact that can accelerate the cultivation cycle of each donor.

Understanding how donors connect to campus-based and idea-based organizations enables Covenant Calls to create customized campaigns that build on the existing relationship and further strengthen those bonds.