Donor Relationship Manager Profile

In the Covenant Calls recruiting profile for Donor Relationship Managers, we seek mature individuals (ages 35-60+) who are intelligent, articulate speakers; attentive and respectful listeners; patient and perceptive; and skilled at capturing meaningful notes.  They must be conversationalists who enjoy talking to donors and learning about them.

All Donor Relationship Managers receive extensive training and coaching in estate planning to ensure that the contacts they make on behalf of our non-profit and charitable clients are personal, professional, sensitive, and a credit to the organization. Each member of our calling staff has been trained to meet the standards and ethics of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (PPP), as well as all applicable federal and state regulations.

The goal of each caller is to build a stronger relationship with your donors and to capture valuable information about their work, family, and charitable giving. We listen to your donors and probe on the charity’s points of interest while engaging in the conversation that donor wants to have.

What we do is not telemarketing.

  • We do not use a predictive dialer.
  • The line-to-caller ratio is one-to-one, meaning no dead air, no abandoned calls, and no pause when the donor answers.
  • We do not ask for money. This means that our callers are under no pressure to close the deal, acquire payment information, or push through contacts.
  • Their responsibility is to connect with donors and cultivate relationships through meaningful dialogue – so each conversation lasts as long as it lasts.