Covenant Calls surveys your untapped donor "suspects" to learn more about their interest in your organization and how they want to give. Your fundraising staff's productivity increases as you engage further with these qualified prospects.

Bequest Survey

Covenant Calls will identify your donors who are receptive to estate planning, including assessing where they are in the process and their propensity to include charities in their estate plans. We offer them the opportunity to share with us which charities might benefit from their generosity.
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Major Donor Qualification

The most powerful research tool to qualify a donor is a conversation. Our Donor Relationship Managers use a unique communications process to have that conversation. We explore your major donors’ intent and assess their ability to make larger gifts.
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  • Our name, Covenant Calls, expresses the significant bond that exists between donor and charity. Their relationship is more than a transaction, more than a contract, more than a partnership. It is a shared trust. Covenant Calls exists to build trust and strengthen that shared commitment.–Jay Steenhuysen – Founder, Covenant Calls

  • Covenant Calls is, by far, the most cost-effective resource we have engaged to support our gift planning strategy.–Planned Giving Officer – national animal welfare organization

  • Experience tells us that qualified bequest donor leads can be identified most efficiently by outsourcing the lead generation and qualification process. This allows your professional gift planning staff to work only with qualified, interested leads.–Jay Steenhuysen – Founder, Covenant Calls

  • Covenant Calls lays the groundwork for the upgrade process, allowing organizations to maximize their investment and return on staff time.–Jay Steenhuysen – Founder, Covenant Calls